Ms L Thorogood - Head of English
Ms S Devlin - 2 i/c of English
Mr B Isaac - Teacher of English

Ms N Renton - Teacher of English
Mr J Wilson - Teacher of English

Norlington Reads in English



Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 5

Cycle 6

Year 7

Grammar through poetry

Our Day Out

Short stories/anthology – Pre 1914


Twelfth Night/ Midsummer Night’s Dream

Novel – Holes


BFI Media for creative writing

Year 8

Play – Frankenstein/Dracula

Conflict poetry

World short stories

Shakespeare –


Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist (Project)

Year 9

Poems from different cultures and pre 1914 poetry

Short Stories unit

Novel –

Of Mice and Men

Shakespeare – Richard III

Henry V

Midsummer Night’s


Debate – Spoken Language

BFI Media

Year 10

Language (Paper 2)

Reading 20th and 21st-century texts

Post-1914 text

Inspector Calls/

Lord of the Flies

19th-century novel

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Christmas Carol


Language (Paper 1) :

Reading 19th-century extracts

Writing skills (Transactional)


Macbeth/ Romeo and Juliet

Year 11

Writing skills (creative)


Exam practice: Reading and writing

Revision of Literature texts


Year 7 

In Year 7 students study a range of different topics which focus on providing them with the skills they will need throughout their school life. Students begin the  Accelerated Reader  programme which allows for individual progress across a range of literacy skill areas, as well as developing their reading skills through other literacy sessions. For the first time this year, students will study a module on grammar that will develop and strengthen their understanding and use of the English language.
The curriculum includes six week modules on:•Grammar in writing

•Shakespeare – Twelfth Night
•The Play – Our Day Out
•Children's Stories
•The Novel - Holes
•Norlington Under Siege

Year 8 

The Year 8 curriculum aims to develop the topics that are introduced at Year 7 by looking at more challenging novels and plays, and encouraging a more in-depth analysis of Shakespearean drama. This year students will begin with a cycle on grammar, which will develop and reinforce their understanding of basic writing skills. In literacy classes too, the boys continue their progress both on  Accelerated Reader  and in guided literacy sessions. The final section of the year focuses on group work in an Apprentice-style competition.
The curriculum includes six-week modules on:•Grammar in writing

•Holiday / Travel Writing
•Play – Frankenstein / Dracula
•The Novel – Stone Cold
•Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet
•Media - BFI

Year 9 

The year 9 curriculum is designed to familiarise students with the requirements of the GCSE English Language and English Literature courses. The course again covers a variety of different reading and writing units that build upon the students' experiences in both Years 7 and 8. The summer term focuses on two units of work that encourage students to develop their team work, before their final end of year exam.•Poetry from different cultures

•Short stories
•The Novel – Of Mice and Men
•Shakespeare – Richard III
•Spoken Language - Debate
•Fundraising Project

Top set Year 9 will be entered for the OCR Living Texts course, allowing them to develop their reading and research skills to a high level, and gain external recognition.

Unit 1: Analysing Texts (Star Wars films and scripts episodes 4-6 and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies)
Unit 2: Re-creating Texts (Travel Writing of Bill Bryson and ‘Mockumentary’)
Unit 3: Personal Study (Students’ choice of text to be compared to any course text). 

Year 10

Year 10 students begin the AQA certificate in English Language and English Literature double award course by focusing on coursework primarily.

English Language coursework (40% of total): Media Violence project.*

*This project will also be assessed orally contributing 10% to the overall grade.

English Literature coursework (40% of total): A comparison of characters with learning needs in 'Of Mice and Men' (John Steinbeck) and 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' (Mark Haddon).



Year 11 

Year 11 will focus on exam preparation, but there will be a chance to revisit any coursework needing improvement.

English Language Unit 1 Exam, (50% of total grade): comprehension of literary non-fiction (eg. travel writing or autobiography), and composition.

English Literature Unit 1 Exam, (60% of total grade): unseen poetry and set-text question(s). The set texts are ‘View from the Bridge’* (Arthur Miller), OR ‘Never Let Me Go’* (Kazuo Ishiguro).

*Advance reading of these texts is recommended!