Year 9

Head of Year

Mr R Duberry


Form Tutors

9C - F Sonmez

9D - S Devlin 

9N - F Olufola

9R - L Farrance


Mindfulness: Practising at home

Below are the links to complete your home practice.
Remember the more practice you do, the more you will be able to use your mindfulness through the day.
Click on the titles of each session to get to the Youtube Link. Follow the animation as many times as you would like, but at least twice each week.

Lesson 1: Playing Attention (27th April)

Lesson 2: Taming the Animal Mind (4th May)

Lesson 3: The Storytelling Mind (11th May)

Lesson 4: Being Here Now (25th May)

Lesson 5: Moving Mindfully (1st June)

Lesson 6: Stepping Back (8th June)

Lesson 7: Befriending the Difficult (15th June)

Lesson 8: Taking in the Good (22nd June)