Norlington's A Level Transition Programme

At Norlington 6th Form, we understand the challenges that students face when transitioning from GCSE to A Level, which is why we always focus on A Level transition tasks and activities in the summer of Year 11 and in the first half term of Year 12.

So, what's so hard about being a Year 12 student?....I hear you ask. Despite studying fewer subjects, the subject content is significantly greater. It's also much harder, requiring you to display new and enhanced exam and study skills. When combined with the need for you to work more independently and deal with greater demands on your time, it's no surprise that so many students find the transition from GCSE to A Level challenging. But this is a challenge that you can easily prepare for!

The Norlington A Level Transition Programme will make sure that you are 6th Form ready. 

Please click on the video links for each subject to access more information and gain deeper understanding of course requirements.

The Norlington 6th Form Journey

Watch this video to find out more about our 6th Form, the experiences and opportunities our students have, and what makes Norlington 6th Form different.

Advice from our Student Leadership Team

Watch this video to hear tips and advice on A Level subject choice and starting 6th Form from our 6th Form Student Leaders

A Level Subject Workshops

Here are the recorded subject workshops which were delivered via Teams on the day. You will learn more about each course, what you can do over the summer to prepare for studying each course, and get a taste of a lesson.

Biology - click here for video

Business - click here for video

Chemistry - click here for video

Computer Science - click here for video

DT: Product Design - click here for video

Economics - click here for video

Geography - click here for video

History - click here for video

Maths - click here for video

Physics - click here for video

RS and Philosophy - click here for video

Cambridge Technical in IT - click here for video