A Level Business


Course Summary

 A Level Business will give you a solid grounding in many of the skills required for business life in the rapidly changing environment. It will give students a comprehensive understanding of the skills required in today’s rapidly changing business world. Employers are always keen to employ individuals with a good understanding of business and this distance learning course will provide you with exactly that. You’ll gain skills in all aspects of running a business and will even cover the skills required to start your own business.

 Topics covered during the course:

 Theme 1: Marketing and people

 Students will develop an understanding of meeting customer needs, the market, marketing mix and strategy, managing people, entrepreneurs and leaders.

 Theme 2: Managing business activities

 Students will develop an understanding of raising finance, financial planning, managing finance, resource management, external influences

 Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

 Students will develop an understanding of business objectives and strategy and growth, decision-making techniques, influences on business decisions, assessing competitiveness, managing change

 Theme 4: Global business

 Students will develop an understanding of globalisation, global markets and business, expansion, global marketing, global industries and companies, multinational corporations


 Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions – all skills that are needed for further study and employment in a wide range of industries. It is well regarded in industries such as marketing, information technology, advertising, publishing, public relations - almost any industry, because everyone works for or owns a business!


 2 x two-hour written exams each worth 35% of A Level

 1 x two-hour written exam worth 30% of A Level

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

Minimum Required GCSE Grade - Subject specific

  • English Language: 5
  • Mathematics: 5