Careers - Year 8

Careers Provision at Norlington School & 6th Form


 The school's provisional careers plan, per year group for the 2022-23 academic year can be found below. This is not an exhaustive list of all career related opportunities, but aims to provide an overview of some of the key activities and events that students will be involved in.


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Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Tutor Programme: Careers

Tomorrow's Engineers week 8th - 12th November

Careers in the curriculum drive

Careers Tutor programme: Careers and Proud to be Me

Unifrog launch and activities

7th - 13th Feb: National Apprenticeship Week activities

Apprenticeship Assembly

7th - 12th March: National Careers Week activities

Careers in the curriculum virtual experience

Stem trip

Tutor programme: Unifrog activities

Careers in the curriculum virtual experience