Mock Interview Day - Monday 4th July

Year 10 Students put to the test in mock interviews 

In order to further our careers offer at Norlington school and 6th Form, we invited all Year 10 students to try out their interview skills by giving them an insight into interviewing skills and techniques. Over 20 volunteers from companies such as KMPG, HSBC, Societe Generale, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays spent half a day at Norlington School and 6th Form supporting out students to gain first-hand experience of what it's like to be interviewed for a job.

There was some excellent feedback from employers:- 

"great young people- they all should be proud of themselves" - Morgan Stanley 

 "Some very knowledgeable students that give the school a great impression" - KMPG

 Student comments:- 

"It gave me a better idea of what a real interview would be like" - Anwar Halane

"I have learnt what employers look for and will try and improve my skills, further my strengths and  develop on my weaknesses - "Islam Ahsan

"enjoyable, insightful and eye-opening" - Haris Nawaz

"the best part was having an interesting, engaging conversation with professional volunteer interviewing me from the world of industry" - Abdul Wahan Asif

"What I found most challenging was having to deliver a strong effective answer on the spot" -   Tahmid Chowdhury

"Fun, chilled, realistic" - Younis Raja

Mock interview day pic3Mock interview day pic2Mock interview day pic1