Key Stage 3

In the last few decades computing has completely redefined the society we live in, leaving virtually no area of life untouched.

At Norlington, we have two dedicated computer science rooms each containing 30 student PC’s with a variety of programming languages available starting at block programming and moving up to Python.

Computer Science is compulsory at KS3 and students opt to take the subject for their GCSE/A-Levels.

Curriculum Intent

Norlington supports students in delivering computing effectively and well by producing a rich, broad and balanced computing curriculum fully mapped to the National Curriculum for Computing at KS3.

Computing at Norlington aims to enhance pupils’ enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in computing. Mastery in computing means acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. It is demonstrated by how skilfully a child can apply their learning in computing to new situations in unfamiliar contexts.

Every child can enjoy and succeed in computing when offered appropriate learning opportunities. At Norlington we offer a growth mind-set and problem solving approach that enables pupils to develop resilience, persistence and confidence. All children are encouraged to believe in their ability to master computing and are empowered to success through curiosity, tinkering, perseverance and confidence.

Pupils are taught through whole-class interactive teaching with pupils working together on the same lesson content at the same time. Lessons are sequenced so that concepts are developed in logical steps with particular attention given to fundamental concepts. This ensures that all children can master concepts before moving on to the next stage, with no pupil left behind.


Mr. L Farrance (Head of Department)

Mr. J. Thomas (2i/c)

Mr. K Tonge (KS3)

Mr K Chetty (KS3)

KS3 Computer Science

At KS3 Students will receive 2 x 60 minute over a two week period in year 7 & 9. In year 8 they receive 3 x 60 minute lessons. During which time they will cover the content identified below. Students are given opportunities to link work undertaken to future career pathways such as programming, web development, modelling using spreadsheets and also sound manipulation.


KS3 Cuuriculum 


Students are given access to google classroom where they can view resources used in lesson and also ask questions about particular topics should they need to do so out of learning hours. - they should speak to their computer science teacher for their login details

Everybody Reads in Computer Science: (Useful Links / Reading) - Promoting the safe and responsible use of technology for young people.  - BBC Bitesize  - Python version 3.5 (free)  - Speak to teacher about classroom codes


Year 7

Cycle 1 & 2 –Skills Building / Computer Safety: (SMSC)

»

Year 8

Cycle 1 – Computer Crime & Cyber Security: (SMSC / Careers Link)

»


Year 9

**Cycle 1 – Networks (Careers Link)

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