Mr. B. Isaac 

Mr. S Kanel (KS3)

Mr. I. Lealman Strutt (Head of Department)

Ms. D Malin

Mr D Long


Norlington Reads in Drama  

Curriculum Overview 

Curriculum Mapping Sequencing

Drama is where the boys learn to grow up to be gentlemen and effective citizens in life. They act, collaborate and direct others in creating, devising and performing plays.  They use practical work to explore ideas, issues and feelings, learning to develop confidence and empathy.

G.C.S.E. (Eduqas)

Component 1 – Devising Theatre (40%  Internally assessed, externally moderated) [Completed by Year 10 cycle 6] [Deadline March of Year 11]

Component 2 – Performing From a Text (20% Externally assessed by a visiting examiner) [Completed by Year 11 cycle 3] [Dates between January and May of Year 11]

Component 3 – Interpreting Theatre (40% Written examination 1 hour 30 minutes)  [Exam usually May in Year 11]


Monday after school Drama Club

Tuesday and Wednesday after school is rehearsals for the current Year 7/8/9 production.

Monday to Thursday lunchtimes is Film Club (see the ‘Film Club’ section of the website for films being shown).


GCSE Drama - BBC Bitesize

London Theatre

Redbridge Drama Centre

We study:

G.C.S.E. Eduqas