Mr J Matthews– Head of Music


Norlington Reads in Music

Students at Norlington School and 6th Form can expect to develop an understanding of different musical styles and cultures through listening, performing and composing in their music lessons. Pupils will develop in confidence through performance and gain opportunities for creativity and social learning. Students are expected to take Leadership in their learning through conducting, improvising and organising their own groups and ensembles for class and out of class activities. All students will have the opportunity to learn singing, keyboard and percussion skills as well as using the new music department computer suite to compose individual compositions. Wider Opportunities are offered at Norlington through attending concerts and recitals such as the National Jazz Festival and attending theatre trips. Opportunities are also available at Norlington  such as the Grove Green Talent Show that included performers from a local primary school and theatre group. This allowed younger children in the community to experience Norlington School at a young age and encouraging them to pick Norlington as their School of Choice in the local community.

Music is delivered throughout the key stages by the head of the music department who is supported by many part-time visiting instrumental tutors. Students are always encouraged to produce their best work and are continually stretched to achieve their full potential. This year, the music department is putting a strong emphasis on stretching the children, particularly those of higher ability; this is why opportunities such as taking grade 1 theory will be offered to lower school students to give them the tools to further their education.

In key stage three, Music is taught on a carousel between Music, Art and Design and Technology. The students have five lessons a fortnight for a three week period before rotating to their next topic. This allows the students to have a more intensive learning experience and more actual lesson time over the year.

In year 7 students will study:

- The Elements of Music
- Percussion, Rhythm and Rhythm notation
- Singing and Keyboard skills
- The Instruments of the Orchestra
In Year 8 students will study:

- Staff Notation & Intermediate keyboard skills
- Samba Drumming
- The Blues
- Music for film

Key stage four is a three year course.

In year 9 students will have the opportunity to explore lots of different musical elements, from learning a new instrument to trips and experiences outside of school. Year 9 music focuses on gaining the core skills necessary to succeed at GCSE. These topics include

1 – Basic theory and core instrumental skills
2 – Writing musically and exploring instrumental techniques
3 – Film music study and developing group rehearsal skills
4 – Advanced Instrumental skills and concepts
5 – Conventions of Popular music from 1950’s – 2000’s
6 – Further conventions of Popular music and composition skills 

In Years 10+11 the students are challenged to expand their musical listening and apprising skills through more advanced modules whilst still continuing to develop their instrumental performance and composition skills.

Year 10
1 – The Baroque Solo Concerto
2 – The Classical Concerto
3 – The Romantic Concerto
4 – Advanced Composition Techniques
5 – Solo and Group Performance Skills
6 – Coursework focus Performance and Composition focus

Year 11

1 – Rhythms of the World part 1
2 – Rhythms of the World part 2
3 – Solo and group performance focus
4 – Composition Focus and start of revision
5 – Revision of theoretical units  


Enrichment is a key factor to the Norlington Music Department and therefore instrumental tuition is offered in all the orchestral woodwind, brass, percussion and strings, together with piano, saxophone, guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) and drum kit.

Students are encouraged to take part in the many extra-curricular activities that take place, which range from Percussion Groups, Guitar Clubs, Choirs and Rock band club. All of these groups are given many opportunities to perform throughout the year, both in and out of school at concerts, presentations, assemblies and festivals and Carol services.