Results 2021-22

NSFB GCSE Analysis 2021 22


Norlington School: Academic Overview

Norlington School is again celebrating as students achieved another set of excellent results this summer. The 2021 GCSE results achieved by our students build on several years of exceptional performance.

2012  We were recognised as the most improved school in London in 2012.

2013  We received our first letter from the Minister of State for Schools recognising us as a top 100 schools nationally.

2014  We were in the Top 1% of all schools nationally for progress and in the top 5 of all state Boys’ schools nationally and received our second letter recognising us as one of the top 100 schools nationally from the Minster of State for Schools.

2015  We were awarded Gold Club status under a scheme set up by the Mayor of London to recognise exceptional schools in the capital.

2016  We received our third letter recognising us as one of the top 100 schools nationally from the Minister of State for Schools.

2017  We were in the Top 4% of schools nationally for English and Maths

2018  We were ranked 2nd nationally for non selective Boy's schools

Since 2014 Norlington School and 6th Form has achieved in the Top 5% of all schools nationally

*There has been no nationally recognised performance information since 2019 due to COVID

Key Whole School 2020 Performance headlines

  • 60% of students achieved Level 5+ in English and Maths (Nationally for boys 41.8%)
  • Average point score at 5.1 (Nationally for boys 4.1)
  • Over 1 in 4 boys achieved a minimum of 5 subjects with grades 7-9 with 1 in 2 of all students achieving at least 1 level 7 to 9
  • 50% of all grades in Maths at Level 7 - 9 (Nationally
  • 74% of all Computer Science grades at Level 7 to 9 (Nationally 34%)
  • 68% of students entered for EBacc (nationally 26%)with an average point score of 4.9 (Nationally 3.6)

Following significant turmoil and challenge faced by students during their GCSE courses, Norlington outcomes remain extremely positive. The approach adopted by the school has ensured that over time boys at Norlington regular achieve results in the top 5% of schools nationally.

 GCSE subject Performance 2021 22