Year 7 Catch Up Report

Year 7 Catch Up Report 2017-18

The Year 7 catch up funding provides schools with funding for students in Year 7 who did not achieve

100 Standardised Score (equivalent to previous NC Level 4) in Reading and/or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2.

This funding, as the name suggests, is to help these students to ‘catch up’ with

their peers during their first year at Norlington School and 6th form.


The objectives of the funding:

  • · To close the attainment gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support to students entitled to catch up Premium.
  • · To raise self-efficacy and aspirations of students entitled to catch up Premium
  • · To enhance existing provision
  • · To identify concerns and target intervention and support to accelerate progress
  • · To ensure that parents are informed and involved where appropriate

Accelerated reader program

Promoted through intensive focus on ensuring that students of all abilities are actively reading for meaning.

Additional tracking systems for accelerated reader combined with priority reader focus in Literacy lessons.


Literacy lessons

Year 7 students have an additional 5 lessons of  Literacy, over a fortnight, on top of their normal 6 lessons of English.



Before and after school interventions take place for small groups. Numeracy and Comprehension are covered in these sessions.


One-to-one support

Targeted students have one-to-one TA support in Maths and English lessons


Homework club

Homework club is open every lunchtime for all students but there are also a small group who are targeted to attend regularly.




Year 8 reading lesson incorporated into the timetable, every fortnight.


Maths targeted group:

The intensive small group focusses on key Mathematical skills with students. Additional resources e.g. MyMaths are also provided to students.